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IphotoDVD Wizard

A tool to archive digital photos into DVD compatible MPEG files with hundreds of transition effects
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24 December 2012

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While enjoying an excursion with our loved ones, we love preserving those larger than life moments in form of images. We always cherish watching those preserved moments again and again and hence store them on our PCs. If you want to show the images to one of your friend, then the idea of forming an image movie always goes well. This will remarkably help you in saving your time and minimize the need for clicking the images again and again. If you are yet to find an apt application for the purpose then you’ll find the new IphotoDVD Wizard 3.1 b23 is a worthwhile application. It helps you in generating movie files from your digital images. The application comprises of various striking effects, and the feature to insert audio into the movie.

With the IphotoDVD Wizard 3.1 b23 application, forming the movie file from the digital images is not a tough task anymore. Commencing the process, firstly you need to browse and select the directory for the program to load the images. The files present with the selected folder are shown at the middle part, where you can apply different effects and set the images in the desired sequence. It facilitates you with integrated image editor to modify the images. Following simple steps you can customize the images by adding text, date, filename, and movie by changing background image, text color, frame color, etc. For better view and to confirm the correct selection, the program consists of preview feature. Next is the turn to select transition effects from the given large variety, and apply the effects to improve the presentation, and create stunning image shows. To give it complete touch, you can add your favorite multiple audio files to the movie. Make the necessary modifications and transform the photos to DVD, VCD, mpeg, and jpeg to mpg and mpeg.

The IphotoDVD Wizard 3.1 b23 helps you in creating DVD movies from your digital images, so as to share, and carry them with you to watch anytime, anywhere. The easy feature selection, large variety of transition effects, and the effortless movie generation process, makes the application deserve 4 rating points.

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A tool to archive digital photos into DVD compatible MPEG files with hundreds of transition effects and audio. The transformation includes photo to dvd, photo to vcd, photo to mpeg, jpg to mpg and jpg to mpeg.You can creat photo video, photo show on DVD easily. These files can also be viewed on computer.
IphotoDVD Wizard
IphotoDVD Wizard
Version 3.1
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